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Unit Test Result Viewer for Silverlight

Toolwindow to view the results of Silverlight unit tests from the Silverlight Toolkit, while using StatLight as test execution engine.

Download the application via
You will automatically notified about updates, when downloading via the Visual Studio Gallery.

Additional Requirements:
  1. Install the Silverlight Toolkit, which will provide the new "Silverlight Unit Test" project type from
  2. To be able to use this toolwindow, you have to download "StatLight" from
  3. Then extract the content to:
Local App Data Directory (e.g. "C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Local\StatLight")

StatLight will be used to execute the unit tests.

Version History

Changelist for v0.4
*Added logging for unhandled exceptions (thanks to icnocop)
*Determination of output path via project file settings (thanks to icnocop)
*Support newer StatLight versions (thanks to icnocop)
*Logging StatLight output in Output window of VS (thanks to icnocop)
*StatLight running in silent mode (thanks to icnocop)
*Fixed possible exceptions on VS startup
*Support nested projects in solution folders
*Fixed run option "all projects" to execute correctly

Changelist for v0.3
  • Support StatLight 1.2 to test the complete solution with multiple xap's
  • Support StatLight from Local AppData directory to avoid UAC dialog on every run. (old path via "%SystemDrive%\%ProgramFiles%\StatLight" still supported.)
  • Minor bugfixes

Changelist for v0.2 (unreleased):
  • Bug fixed to load project list correctly and execute tests
  • UAC pop-up will be shown, when required.

Changelist for v0.1 (unreleased):
  • Result-based filter (Passed, Failed, Ignored)
  • Direct assembly selection
  • Manual retest
  • Basic result listing (Status, Message, Source, Duration)

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